Recent times have seen the online market scene grow tenfold, with more and more people adopting online shopping as part of everyday life.Online retailers are, therefore, making a killing. However, even the ones with an established customer base know they have to stay ahead of customer payment trends and preferences.

Choosing a merchant accounts provider for your new online business is, therefore, a crucial step towards success.The following are some of the ways a merchant account can help your online business.


1.      Versatile online payment methods.

Research shows that customers spend more when given the freedom to choose among a variety of payment options.A good provider will provide your business with the core payment methods of both credit and debit card acceptance; including popular brands like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, as well as other leading alternatives like PayPal.

Some merchant accounts even allow advanced payment solutions such as in-app purchases, that give customers the ability to shop and pay for items directly through a smartphone.With a merchant account, therefore, you can maintain a comfortable and recurring customer base by offering the flexibility to make purchases in different ways.

2.      Security

In addition to payment solutions, a merchant accounts provider will lay out security measures to protect your business and your customers from fraud, and ensure the safety of card data.Accounts providers such as offer a broad range of fraud detection and protection tools, as well as services that deal with chargeback fraud. EMB’s Chargeback Shield, for example, enables a merchant to catch chargebacks before complaining customers receive their money back.

3.      International payment systems

If you envision your business breaking international boundaries, a merchant account can help you set up an international acceptance method that works for your online business. Merchant accounts will enable your company to accept multiple currencies, target overseas markets and where necessary, make payments to off-shore suppliers in foreign currencies. Paying additional markups will also get you currency conversion services.

With an international payment system that works, your business will be propelled to approach a far-reaching audience.

Whether you are a new merchant or an established one looking to tap into the online market, a merchant account is a valuable business tool. That said, the internet is filled with merchant account providers, some which process little to no online transactions. You should, therefore, aim to work with a provider who has sufficient expertise in structuring and handling Internet-based merchant accounts.