To integrate a credit card payment solution onto your website, you can follow the below-mentioned steps that can serve as a guide to help you apply for and take payments online.


1.      Apply for An IMA Link

To take a credit card payment connected to a bank account, you must turn to a bank for a merchant account. If you’re going to take the payments online, an Internet Merchant Account or IMA will be required. However, banks are not the only option to try; you can apply to a reputable merchant account provider like eMerchantBroker (EMB) for reliable merchant accounts, including a Canadian merchant account.

2.      Select a PSP Link

Additionally, you’ll need to apply for the services of a payment service provider or PSP. Usually, PSPs manage the pages on a website where payment details are submitted by customers. PSPs provide a “virtual” cashier or point-of-sale (POS) terminal that is used for the collection of card details, screening for fraud and securely passing the details to your acquiring bank for processing. PSPs are also referred to as payment gateways.

3.      Turn to a PaymentProcessing Company

You can use the services offered by a payment processing company. In this case, you won’t be obliged to apply for an IMA and PSP separately. With payment processing services, the requirements will be less strict as compared to an IMA. This will help you enjoy faster setup, especially if you have little or no trade history.

Here is a Sample Checkout Process Link

A common credit card payment process for any website requires the following steps:

Step 1 – Basket Link

This is when your customer has added a product to his/her basket and is ready to go on with the checkout process. The basket page on your website should have SSL encryption to boost the customer’s confidence.

Step 2 – Checkout Link

Now, the customer goes to the next page of your website ─ the checkout page. Various options can be used here, such as an account log-in page, shipping options, and more.

Step 3 – Payment

Next, the customer arrives on the PSP’s secure payment pages.

Step 4 – Order Confirmation Link

When the customer returns to your website, he/she is presented with a confirmation page that shows whether the payment has been authorized or declined.

When taking credit card payments online, you should take into account what your options are and how each of these options meets your business needs and objectives. There exist various solutions available ranging from simple pieces of JavaScript for “Buy now” buttons like PayPal and Google Checkout do this to self-hosted secure payment pages. Some of these solutions offer ease of integration, others offer attractive pricingandflexibility. Choose what’s best for you and your business and start growing.