A Guide to Environmental Awareness The climate change is a responsibility to everyone. The adverse effects of climate change are imminent in every corner of the universe. This has manifested in different forms including floods, drought among others. Deforestation has been a leading agent of climate change. Building houses for settlement has been a major cause of individuals cutting down trees. The printing fraternity has also led to the loss of trees in the past due to its importance in paper processing. At the moment the world has become more aware of how delicate the environment is and the printing industry has come up with various steps towards reducing the negative effects on the environment. The printing industry has also become more eco – conscious through all its aspects. Major printing companies have chosen to be ambassadors of environmental conservation by choosing to go green. On top of being beneficial to the environment, it is equally important for the respective business as customers would love to relate to eco- friendly businesses. Printing companies have embraced the mantra to go green which is a good move to emphasize the issue of environmental conservation. This calls for systematically eliminating or reducing the harmful chemicals and wastes that are a threat to the environment. Printing companies have embraced the aspect of environmental awareness mostly by the type of papers they use for printing purposes. Many of the printing companies have reduced reliance on virgin printing papers and hence aided a lot in conserving the environment. It is helpful when it comes to conserving energy, reducing water pollution and reliance on trees for papers. Tree cover at the end of the day will be spared in that much of printing papers are recycled and this is important in the long- run for climate conservation. Through the emphasis to conserve the environment, steps have been taken towards eliminating use of chlorine when it comes to whitening papers. The harmful products of using chlorine in production of papers is a major threat to the marine life and thus has been eliminated. The move to eliminate chemicals such as chlorine in paper production has created more awareness to conserve the environment.
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Ink is inevitable in the printing process. Printing ink used in the past was a product of harmful chemicals that are considered a threat to life. The inks in operation at the moment are vegetable based and therefore more eco-friendly. The most important aspect is that these inks currently being used are recyclable and therefore beneficial to the environment. When it comes to recycling papers, these inks are easier to remove making the process more simplified. In essence, many of these printing firms have created awareness and at the same time led by example to conserve the environment. Benefits of environmental conservation can be felt by every individual regardless.Lessons Learned About Health