Some Tips When Choosing Minecraft Server If you’re playing Minecraft, then you certainly want to enjoy playing the game at the best setting. Having said that, the server you chose will play a crucial role with the experience you are going to have when playing. Even if you know various tricks of the game, always remember that what can give you outstanding playing experience is a good server. With lots of available server options, taking into account some things will help you come up with the best decision. Browser server options – actually, this is the best starting point to find servers for your game. There are lots of sites you can use to get listings of popular servers. By browsing your options, it literally puts you in a better position of knowing which ones are popular and active amongst players. While browsing, you may want to steer clear of servers with labeled sponsored as they might not be on top of list.
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Check the population – as soon as you’ve identified a server that you might be interested in, it’s important that you check out the number of players currently logged in. Servers with big population might be suitable for players who like to be part of big projects and those who want to play mini games whereas those with smaller populations may be the ideal choice for players who seek more intimate community. There are many servers that list their maximum populations as well as current populations so you know whether you will wait in line or can log in.
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Read the technical information – you have to know the version of Minecraft being run by your chosen server, lag time, mods as well as online time percentage. You have to get this info by checking the listed tags used in organizing the servers or right from the server description. Make sure that the server has the updated version and make edits wherever possible. Not only that, you have to stay away from servers that appear to have complaints regarding lag time as it is sure to cause frustration when playing. Understand the rules of the server – a lot of servers come with set of rules in which players need to stick to. It’s essential to take note that breaking these rules may result to long term ban or worst, permanent ban. To know what their rules are, you might check out server site or contact management. Always remember that being on the wrong side of a good server is the least thing you want to happen when playing the game as you are literally blowing up your chances of having a wonderful gaming experience.