Landscaping 101: Tips for Busy Moms Is the extra space beside your house is of no use for you? And you notice that a raised bed is taking up a lot of usable space. You are thinking of popping that out and create a patio, a sitting area over the unused space. The good sun beside your house can be profitable for you. You are well aware that the good sun will give you good ways to exploit your unused space. Putting a nice green garden with some sod over it after you removed the grass and fertilized it, is the plan. Then you have the problem of the fence. The wonderful backdrop on the fence with different plants fit for your mini-garden will be great with sun rays. And all of these thinking are about your first landscaping concept. The very first step is to remove all the clutter and everything that is on the way for clearing the site out. Discard and throw all the old chairs, the stones, the bricks in the site. Your landscaping area will look better without those old stuff you have just removed. Use a transplanting shovel to pop out the plants on the raised bad. The plants that are removed can be relocated on the other corner to put beauty and pattern to your landscaping design. Flatten the raised bed and rake them all out. It will give you an instant bigger space for your lawn. Grub out the grasses scattered in the area using a transplant shovel. The soil is compact, full of roots. To loosen the soil up and allow the roots of the new sod and plants to grow, dig down and turn the soil over repeatedly over the area. Do not forget to add two inches of local compost over it. Till the ground with your shovel after spreading the compost on top of it. And to make that sitting area, you are going to use the pea gravel. Accommodating the sitting area needs 2-3 inches of digging. The fabric is important so it doesn’t turn on in the mud. Dump just two to three inches thick will bring you some lawn look then spread the rest.
Landscaping: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make
Get good plants for small spaces that will grow throughout the year. Spiraea plants are perfect for adding decoration to the corners of your garden. Japanese Red Maple is tall as 30-40 feet but it is perfect for small corners. For small spaces and adding a cent of drama, use the Weeping Norway Spruce. Landscaping and garden design DIY is best for all ages and is beneficial for your health. It is recommended to seek professional help. Pinecrest Landscaping has a lot to offer for all your landscaping needs.Landscaping: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make