Cleaning is something that few people enjoy, but it is, fortunately, becoming easier. While even casual cleaning around the house might be unpleasant, some tasks can be more than merely annoying.

Keeping a pool clean, for example, is something that few homeowners would like to do themselves. Fortunately, modern cleaning robots make things quite a bit simpler, even if the help of a professional might occasionally be needed. Another recent development, however, is making it even easier to keep a pool free of algae, dirt, and other forms of contamination.

Surfaces That Shed Slime, Grime, and Other Nasty Things

Many pool owners will be familiar with substances like Teflon that make cleaning up after cooking a lot simpler. While such non-stick coatings have their detractors, there is no denying that they shed foodstuffs a lot more easily than the traditional options.

The same basic idea is now being applied to surfaces of very different kinds. With pools naturally attracting build up of various sorts that needs to be dealt with to keep them safe and appealing, they have started to benefit from a range of related technologies.

Carefully designed down to the molecular level, these nano coatings go far beyond what the crude technologies of even a decade ago were capable of. By designing in the ability to slough off substances that would otherwise adhere and need to be removed, pool manufacturers can make maintenance a lot easier.

Clean Less Frequently While a Pool Stays Looking Great

In practice, even the best of these coatings do not do away with the need to clean entirely. However, they are so much more effective at shedding build up than traditional pool materials that schedules can normally be relaxed quite a bit.

In many cases, this will mean that a suitable pool cleaning robot will need a lot less support. Considering that even a single visit from a professional can cost a significant amount of money, investments made into technologies like this can quite easily pay off. Just as importantly, a homeowner who makes the leap can count on enjoying a pool with a lot less need to worry about its condition and what kind of attention it might currently require.