I’m more or less to whack among the sacred cows of this world that is HR the Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) test, when  you’re a large fan regarding the MBTI you should quit now, or keep reading and flame me in  the responses.

I’ll summarize the MBTI by saying  that it is  a character inventory test predicated on Jung’s concept of opposites. It assumes that we now have four important components  of a personality and that each is binary: either you’re and introvert (I) or an extrovert ( ag E). This means that the MBTI can assign you to definitely one  of sixteen personality kinds, predicated on your answers. The MBTI cult asserts that this personality kind is extremely significant for whom  you can perhaps  work well with, what jobs you’re suited for, whom  you should marry, and most other life choices. You’ll read more about any of it right here and  here.

Is it clear to you that this will be nonsense? Listed here  are my observations:

Jung’s theory of opposites was  a theory that is psychoanalytic to identify and treat psychopathologies, not to ever categorize healthier individuals. And also within its realm, it’s now regarded just as being  a metaphor, never as a personality model that is reliable.

Since far that it actually measures what it claims to measure as I know, the MBTI has never been validated to show. Its correlations against other, more personality that is robust have become poor.

The questions for  the MBTI yield a continuous quantitative value, but  you are assigned to one category or another of a scale predicated on a seemingly arbitrary cutoff value. So, for example, my rating regarding  the thinking/feeling scale is  so near to  the cutoff that I’m assigned to various categories depending on what we’m feeling once  I just take the test.

I’ve seen an abundance  of introverts who are able to be quite extroverted once the situation calls it is, the MBTI isn’t a predictor of behavior for it, so whatever else.

Okay, if which were most  of my objections I might simply sneer at it as being  a poorly created instrument that is psychometric forget about it. Nevertheless  the global world as a whole, and industry in specific, has siezed on  the MBTI while the key to personality and compatibility. Therefore  I have individually seen:

Qualified candidates perhaps not hired because “they have the incorrect personality profile for the task.”

Individuals denied promotions because “their personality wouldn’t fit the executive team.”

People moved from pc software development tasks to quality that is software (testing and bug repairing) because “their characters are  more suited to that sort  of work.”

I am  not laying these outrages during  the feet associated with MBTI, it’s idiot managers and HR staff who are to be blamed  for misusing it. Nevertheless  the structure associated with the MBTI is really so simple they can never escape because, presumeably, their personality type is fixed that it seems irresistible to assign people to pigeonholes from which.

So actually, I recommend that you stop using the MBTI and that we burn all copies from it, but i understand I got a big chip on my shoulder. With another, better validated, instrument like the Strong Inventory, or use it simply as a starting point for discussion and don’t take it seriously as a personality measure, or combine it with your intuitive appraisal of someone’s personality if you feel you have to rely on it, you should at least combine it.